John 16:16-33

Every parent knows how unhappy a child can be when his toy is broken or when his playmate leaves him and go home.

We need to learn that each time a child breaks his toy and the mother gets him a new one, that child will grow up expecting all his problems to be solved immediately. If the mother of the child always invites another playmate whenever his playmate leaves him, that child will grow up expecting people to come to his rescue whenever there is crisis. The result either way is a spoiled child who is not able to face reality. The joy that God brings into our lives is not by substitution or transformation. The same child that causes pain during the time of birth also brings joy when the child is born. Our God tackles problems that seems impossible, causes miracles to happen by His grace, turns trials into triumph and sorrow into joy. Joseph brothers sold him as a slave and potiphar put him into prison as a criminal, but God turned that hopeless situation into victory. To every mother that is experiencing birth pains, every seconds may look like an hour but when the baby is born, the pain is forgotten and joy fills her heart. When the bridegroom is away, the bride mourns (Matt 9:15). But in a little while He shall return, and we shall go with Him to heaven to enjoy our fathers house. The world today does not want our lord Jesus or His church. Remember that any event that has a time attached must surely have a time of manifestation or completion.

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Your present trials, hurts, afflictions and pains are part of your sorrow. But in no distance time our redeemer will turn your sorrow into joy. Beloved it wont be long just count the years as months and months as weeks and weeks as days and your joy will come.



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