Your Responsibilities As A Christian Parent

Proverbs 22:15

As a parent, it is exciting to see a woman or man out of the child you have cuddled and as teenagers; it is fascinating to accept the responsibility of maturity. The teenage years are the most demanding years, for both children and parent alike. A lot of challenges, stem from lack of understanding of this stage of life. Now the Psalmist said; that children are a heritage of the Lord. In other words, God owns every child; parents are only stewards. Therefore, as stewards, parents are expected to carry out some responsibilities on God’s heritage put in their care. So your responsibilities as a Christian parent, is to take care of your children.

A Christian family is an institution where parents are bound together by Christian love, where children are happy and spiritually instructed. It is a home where the Lord Jesus; is the supreme head of the home. A Christian family is one that radiates Christ, welcomes strangers and dispenses hospitality. A Christian family, consists of God fearing parents and children. The Christian family is the bedrock of the nation, and the glory of the Christian church. So it is the responsibility of parents, to provide and take care of the physical needs of their children. They are to love, and protect their children. Parents are to educate, and discipline their children. Parents are to show good example, to their children in all things. Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy respectively, gave proper training to their son, Timothy. They trained him in the laws of God, and instilled in him the fear of God. In the training of members of his household, God had confidence in Abraham. Every child has the tendency to be wayward. It is the responsibility of the parents to rise up to the challenges, of parenting and stop the forces of waywardness in fervent prayers; say no to the vices their wards or children may want to manifest.

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Because, this is the stage where they develop certain character traits and it is very important as parents to be watchful of them, because what they pick up and imbibe; is what shapes and moulds them for life. One effective way you can be sure they are learning the right things; is to constantly communicate with them. Beloved, your responsibilities to your children are numerous. You are not expected, to fail in any area. Ensure that you train your child in the way of the Lord. Lead them to the Lord and make yourself the perfect epistle they read daily. Therefore your responsibilities as a Christian parent, is to make sure they succeed.


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