Your Great Destiny helper

Psalm 121:1-3

It has been said that one of the common features of Christianity, is the diverse conflict that is targeted at a child of God from the moment of conversion; it presents itself as a permanent companion in the journey of life, and appears to become more intense as you progress in the Christian race, but God is your great destiny helper.

Without the help of God, life can be very frustrating. Man can be helpless but God is never helpless and He is ever ready to help you.    There is a limit a man can help you but when God helps you, you will not have any limit. Human helpers may not be there when you need them but He is always there 24 hours. His schedule is forever; He never sleeps nor slumbers. He abides with you always and His help is supernatural. At the root of every divine help is God. Many are helpless and frustrated because they don’t understand the word of God. Many cannot find the treasures in the word of God because they don’t have a relationship with Him. They run around men instead of running towards God for help. I pray your understanding to be opened in Jesus name. These conflicts may come in the form of physical, emotional, and spiritual attacks. They could sometimes be manifested as temptations, financial trouble, physical or health challenges, vocational problems, obstacles and obstructions, sickness or death of a loved one, stagnancy, discouragement, failure, depression, and family problems.

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Many of these may appear normal, but some are direct attacks on children of God, to hate, despise, persecute, oppress, blackmail, and even kill them. Yet, in the face of such malicious attacks, many Christians have persevered and stood firm in their convictions, with great grace and in defiant faith. Such people were able to stand in the face of evil, holding on to God’s promises for help. I pray that as you look up to God for help and assistance today, He will send help to you and you will never be disappointed in Jesus name. Like the saints of old, you are expected to build your confidence on the sure promises of God, because He is your great destiny helper.



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