Your Family Happiness Starts With You

Mathew 18:19

Challenges come to every home; what makes the difference between one home and the other is wisdom. Every time you see crisis in the home, wisdom is missing. What you are not committed to, will not produce result. Successful marriages and families did not just come from heaven neither are they lucky; they are built on the Word of God. This is why, your family happiness starts with you.

Most times, the joy, fulfilment and blessings you desire is dependent on you. You are the key factor to what, becomes of your home. The devil has no right to torment or afflict you; without your permission. However, you permit some happenings unknowingly through ignorance. For you to have a stable home, you need to understand your husband or wife. Understanding your spouse, is very important in becoming a good spouse. You must get to know, that everything about your spouse is unique. There are no two people on planet earth; that are exactly the same. Everyone God has made is unique. Thus, you, your spouse and your children are peculiar. You are not a carbon copy of anyone, you are an original and so is your spouse. You and your spouse are wonderfully and fearfully made. You must understand your spouse, if you must enjoy a stable family. You need to study his or her background, likes, dislikes, what makes him or her happy and what affects his or her mood. Again husbands and wives should never disclose their family challenges, to people who are incapable of solving them; it will increase the problem. The knowledge level of a person determines, the kind of answer he or she will give. If you do not want to commit crime, be committed to your family. The Almighty God believes in a relationship; that has commitment as one of its vital qualities. Every problem in the family is a wisdom problem, so be committed to make it work.

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Now for those who are yet to be married, before you say, yes I do to any man or lady on the altar, ask yourself, how much of him or her do I really know? So you must be sensitive. Never walk around with your eyes closed. Your mind is a sound mind, be sensitive. Also learn to communicate effectively with your spouse, and when you know how to do this, it will help you understand who your spouse is. Therefore your family happiness starts with you; by showing appreciation for both small and great acts of kindness. You can also show appreciation, by giving little gifts to your husband or wife and your relationship; will be a heaven on earth.



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