You Were Born At The Right Time

Ecclesiastes 3:1

You were born at the right time; in this period in life, where fulfillment becomes purpose and purpose becomes reality.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, we read about the revelation of God’s purposes to the hearts of human beings. God has not only given you a purpose, but, according to this Scripture, He has also determined the time for that purpose to be accomplished. There is a time for every purpose. Whatever you were born to do, God has assigned a season in which it is to be done and that season is the duration of your life. The Lord in His infinite wisdom designed the heavens and the earth, and He allotted times and seasons to every plan and purpose. The timing of every act, the duration of each scene and the role of each actor strictly follows a divine script written by God Himself. Do you see why it is crucial for you to know the vision that is in your heart. Your purpose can be fulfilled only during the time you are given on earth to accomplish it. Nothing happen without time, everything happens by time. Time gives light to darkness, time gives answer to question, time gives solution to problem, time gives clarity to confusion, time gives peace to unrest, time gives confidence to weak, time gives wisdom to foolishness and new beginning to the end. Within this season called life, God has also appointed specific times for portions of your purpose to be accomplished.

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Bible says; in Ecclesiastes 3 vs 11: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Set your mind on God’s purpose for your life. That’s what counts, it has to be a revelation that you accept, endorse and imbibe into your spirit; a knowledge that is a controlling principle in your life. That means everywhere you go, and everything you do, you are  inspired by God’s eternal purpose and perfect will for your life. Every vision is fulfill by time, every mission is accomplish by proper time usage. Love grows by time, financial freedom becomes real by time. Your children needs time to comprehend your teaching. You wife needs time for her respect to flows to you. Some people wish they had been born during a different time in history. Yet if you had been born a thousand years ago, or even a hundred years ago, you would have been miserable because you would have been living in the wrong time to complete your purpose and vision. You were born at the right time to accomplish your vision during your generation.



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