Psalm 90:12

One of the effective tools to winning and effective living in life is planning. It is essential to plan everything you do in life because it determines the outcome of your life. It is one of the major characteristics of successful people in the world. Planning is one of the forces in the school of success that engender greatness. If you embrace it, it will please you. Just as breathing is living, so also planning is to winning. It is planning that gives value to purpose. Because purpose is impotent without a plan. Therefore, you need strategic planning to maximize your destiny. Because whenever planning is solid, the future is guarantee.

Now, it is no longer news that if you don’t plan to succeed you have automatically plan to fail. This is the secret, planning secures destiny and buy the future. If you refuse to plan today you will not have a place tomorrow. So, you can’t afford to live just like everybody. You need to think far and think deep. Because, planning is the secret that birth rest and confidence. Planning is living in the future and expecting the reality of your believe. Therefore, If you don’t have good plan for your day it will surely be useless. If you don’t have good plan for the month it will surely not be profitable. If you don’t have good plans for your economy you will surely end poor. If you don’t have good plan for your marriage you will surely divorce. If you don’t have good plan for your career you will surely end in lack. Results make the heart merry, but the key to result is planning. Just like a building requires a plan, every business that must succeed requires a plan as well. A business that will be big tomorrow is seen today by the structural plan that is engaged. Most businesses today are victims of lack of planning or poor planning. So, you need strategic planning to maximize your business endeavors. For instance, it is a good planning that guarantees good results. Any farming endeavor that is not properly planned is bound to fail notwithstanding the quality of the seed being planted. The quality of management is what determines the quality of results produced. Therefore, management skill is key to determining the level of results that any organization will ever command.

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Therefore, planning is the step by steps physical arrangement that God demands from a man in other to see the reality of his vision. You can only plan for what you can see, because what you cannot see doesn’t exist in your world. Vision without planning is like skeleton that has life but lacks flesh. So, you need strategic planning to maximize your destiny because in the absence of planning there is confusion and distress.



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