You Need Boldness And Courage To Excel

Joshua 1:6-7

Boldness and courage is the principal requirement for one to excel in life. It must have been what Caleb possessed that enabled him to give a positive report on the promised land even though the giants were still there, when the others gave evil report that they were not able to possess the land. God has appointed you for greatness, but it does not come on the platter of gold; you need to step out with courage and possess it. If you must be a conqueror you have an inevitable need for boldness and courage. Therefore, you need boldness and courage to excel in life because men of courage are men of conquest.

Boldness and courage is an untiring and undefeatable attitude born out of determination. It is the ability to take steps in the face of imminent opposition, obstacles, hardships and difficulties. It is the ability to retain your language when circumstances want to force you to change it. It is the strength to stand against the odds of life with a determination to attain your goal in life. Now, God has given you the ability to excel; created you to excel but the size of your heart will determine your size on the earth. You cannot possess a lion’s heart and live like a chicken on earth. A feeble heart produces weak hands and weary knees. Many have lost their heritage in Christ through fear and lack of boldness and courage. They have failed to realize there is a place of comfort, joy and fulfilment awaiting them; but only boldness and courage can take them there. Courage is what you need to actualize your dreams. However, only a person with strength of character can display courage in the face of trouble, while boldness is required to speak the truth in all circumstances, especially in the face of opposition and in hostile environments. More importantly, the virtues of boldness and courage have spiritual significance because they are necessary for entering the presence of God and for dealing with the forces of darkness. You cannot excel in your carrier, and business without boldness. You need boldness to correctly apply God’s word to life situations. Indeed, it takes courage to follow and obey God. Anyone who lacks courage will be full of fear.

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Courage truly is an indispensable quality to possess in life. God had to tell Joshua over and over again to be strong and courageous if he was to succeed in fulfilling his assignment. Therefore, you need boldness and courage to excel and to be a pacesetter in your generation.



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