You Must Visualize Into The Future

Genesis  37:5-11

Great men and women always live in the reality of their future, even before they arrive there. Now you can see that life without a dream is doomed, because the future you cannot picture; you can not feature. This is why you must visualize into the future; because it will help you accomplish your task on earth. So, visualizing is seeing a mental picture of your future or destiny before it comes into play. It is the act of seeing things that are invisible. It means having a global picture of your defined goals, dreams and objectives from the onset.

You don’t just stop at visualizing into the future or having great dreams; you also have to focus on your goals and objectives and work doggedly towards them in order to make them a reality. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a perfect example of a person who kept His focus on the future He saw ahead of Him. He endured His arrest, humiliation and death, even though He had the power to prevent it all, because He knew the glorious future awaiting Him after His work on earth was done. Those who can visualize their glorious future ignore the present obstacle in their way, and forge ahead to reach their goals in life. An example of such a person is Joseph. Even though his childish disposition exposed him to the fury of his brothers, resulting in his enslavement and imprisonment, the glorious future he saw kept him undeterred. He kept faith in God of his fathers and would not be corrupted by the promiscuity of his master’s wife. Beloved, the ability to visualize the future will enable you work hard and live holy, even in the face of hardship, suffering and persecution. A Student who catches a glimpse of the honour awaiting him or her at the end of their academic programme will ignore any suffering attached to their burning of the midnight candle. A pregnant woman endures the pain of labour because of the joy of motherhood. So, as a child of God, it takes seeing the glory awaiting you in the future to endure the attacks of the enemy.

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Therefore, you must not allow the present situation in the world to becloud your vision of Heaven. Because you are meant to reign and not to roam on earth. No matter where you live in or come from, if you can discover and pursue what is on your inside, you will be great. However, you must visualize into the future and make the best out of your dreams.



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