You Must Turn Prophecies Into Reality

1 Timothy 1:18

The gift of prophecy, is a door to the supernatural; it is a way to bring the supernatural power of God into your life, finances, job, or congregation if you are a minister of the Gospel. Therefore, you must turn prophecies into reality. So a prophecy is of little or no good to the one it has been sent, if it does not move from the realm of the spirit into the physical realm. Now your attitude to a prophecy plays a great role, in determining its manifestation in the physical world.

Because to prophesy is to speak words that have divine potency; words that have life; so, don’t despise prophecy. Prophecy is like a guiding light. It was through prophecy, that the people knew about the coming of Jesus. There were so many prophecies that the Saviour, the Messiah would come. The only proof that God had for the people to recognize and say, this is the messiah, was His Word spoken by the prophets about Christ; the Messiah. So Prophecy is vital, have there been prophecies about your life; make war with those prophecies. Take every word of prophecy, concerning your life seriously. Write them down, so you don’t forget, and chart your course with the creative power of God’s Word in your mouth. Our anchor scripture, tells us how best to relate with prophecies. Through it, you understand that it is important to pray before making a decree; and also after you prophesy. For instance when the nation of Israel, was in the grip of a serious national backsliding, Elijah stood before King Ahab and decreed; that there would be no rain until he reversed that decree. After he made this decree, he went into seclusion. The king only heard the decree, but he did not know what went on behind the scenes.

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But apostle James tells us that Elijah prayed earnestly, before he made this decree. After the nation had experienced intense famine for 31 and half years, God asked Elijah to show himself again to the king. So after making his declaration to Ahab, he left the presence of the King, fell on his face and prayed earnestly to God until his prophecy came to pass. Therefore never make a decree, or release a prophecy without the backing of prayer. But the good news is that all is not lost; every prophecy that has been spoken into your life is still hanging around in the spirit realm, waiting for you to bring it into the realm of the physical through your earnest prayer. This is why, you must turn prophecies into reality.


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