You Must Secure Your Heart With All Diligence

Proverbs 4:23

Your mind is the door to your human spirit, and whatever words and thoughts you allow to go through your mind unchecked, will be deposited in your spirit that is why you must secure your heart with all diligence.

Everyday, we hear words, see things, and read all kinds of information, positive and negative. This is why you need that spiritual filter, you need to mount guard on your heart and not allow your spirit receive and process the wrong information. Never allow your heart dwell on anything you hear, feel or see that is not consistent with the Word of God. For instance, if you heard that things were going bad in the economy and there is hardship everywhere, such information is contrary to what the Word of God says, therefore refuse to process it in your spirit. Refuse to let it run your life or determine the circumstances of your existence. Besides being blessed, the pure in heart are assured of seeing God. Of what use is the Christian race if at the end of the journey, you are denied the privilege of seeing God. The reason it is so essential your heart is pure is that; the state of your heart determines the output of your heart.

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Most of the things that will affect your life and destiny emanate from your heart. Matthew 15:19 says evils thoughts that defile a man proceed from the heart. If your heart is occupied with impure thoughts, given a little time, you will see yourself practicing such. If you continue to dwell on immoral thoughts, before long, you will feel a force compelling you to masturbate, fornicate, rape or even commit incest. Some even sleep with animals or people of same sex. It all starts with a thought. A polluted heart cannot produce godly character. As long as the heart is polluted, your deeds will be evil and you will lose your God given destiny. I encourage you to keep vigilant watch over your heart. Embrace only thoughts of success, victory, health, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment that come from God’s Word. When your heart is holy and pure, there will be no iota of fear and condemnation in you. You will have unlimited access to your Maker because there is no hindrance in you. Therefore you must secure your heart with all diligence, and nail all your affections to the cross and make your heart right with God.



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