You Must Always Prepare For The Best

Psalm 33:1

I would like to start by saying, no matter what you are going through that is contrary to your beliefs; the best is yet to come. A lot of times you go through day to day routines, and never change; this is why you must prepare for the best. Preparation is becoming ready, for what is desired. Adequate preparation, will always receive glorious manifestations. You can’t receive from God until you are prepared.

Now how you approach, each new day and each new situation makes a huge difference. If you decide ahead of time, that you won’t be happy or peaceful unless you get exactly what you want, then you will rarely be at peace. I have heard people say things like, If it rains today I am not going to be happy, or If I don’t get the job, I am going to be so upset. When you think thoughts such as this, you are setting yourself up to be unhappy; and to lose your peace and joy before you even have a problem. Because life is a journey, and only those with a sense of passion for focus; will reach their destination gloriously. God did not create you to roam the earth, but to reign on earth. So you are from God’s royal family, with a royal identity. You are created, to be a marvel to your world. You are no longer in darkness because, God has brought you out to enjoy His marvelous light. I have been on this journey for only a little while, but I have learned that God don’t want to put more on you than you can bare. All you need to do, is hold on and hold out help is on the way. So It is those who prepare their ways that will make waves, and those who cause waves bring news.

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If you don’t want to be dethroned, prepare your throne. In life, you don’t get ready; you live ready. Poor preparation will deliver poor results, because anything you do not take seriously; will not produce serious results. No matter your goal, you must make personal preparations. You become a champion by preparation. Talent is worthless without preparations. The future belongs to only those who prepare adequately for the best. So the way you approach your life, makes all the difference in the quality of life you can have. Therefore you must prepare for the best, because you deserve the best things of life.



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