You Must Pay The Price For Good Leadership

John 13:12-17

There is nothing more fulfilling, than a life of service. Jesus Christ washed the feet of His disciples, to set an example of what a good  leadership is. Jesus Christ being our Lord and saviour, our master and instructor; has proven to us that leadership is not title but service. Leadership is not about occupying a sit but about accomplishing a feat; it is making a bold achievement via the act of courage and great skill. This is why, you must pay the price for good leadership.

Now, everyone in leadership attains to it; therefore do not expect it to be entrusted to you if you are not willing to pay the price. You can never become a good leader, without paying the price for it. Because leadership is not in the title you wear; but in the values you add. It is not in the positions you occupy, but in the outstanding contributions you make. Leadership is not about leading the people; it is about taking the lead in your given task. John Wesley of blessed memory became an outstanding leader; in his field by taking the lead in his assignment. He did not swerve into politics, but maintained his course and stood out in his field. Good leadership has nothing to do with colour or race; it has to do with accomplishment. So, the colour of a man is not his deterrent; his low accomplishment is what defines his low rating. The good news is that you have a good leadership heritage in Christ; as a child of God because you are a beneficiary of the Abrahamic covenant. Although Jesus was the master, yet, He condescended so low in humility to serve His disciples. This means that a good leader, irrespective of the position he occupies must never forget that the essence of that position; is to serve the people that God has entrusted in his care. Every leader must emulate people, like Gideon and Abimelech who led by service.

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Therefore, by redemption, you have a leadership heritage. You are a salt of the earth and that makes you an asset to your world; not a liability. You are also the light of the world, and that makes you a pace setter. So knowing all these now, it is time to take up your leadership role and stand out in that area; God has called you and impact your world as a good leader that you are. Therefore, you must pay the price for good leadership today.



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