Psalm 32:8

While the idea of falling in love can sound blissful, relationships almost always challenge us in ways we don’t expect. Anxiety can arise at various points in a relationship from the moment you start dating to when you decide to make a symbolic commitment. Today, many are frustrated, unhappy, fed up because of several challenges they face in their relationship. Therefore, you must overcome relationship anxiety. This means that God believes in relationships and they are important to Him.

God instituted marriage so that you can enjoy the power of relationship. Relationship means to connect with someone else or to be in touch with someone. But it is important for you to understand that although God initiated the idea of relationships, it is your duty to develop and sustain it. You should learn to feed and care for your relationship if it must be a success. I want you to understand that every relationship has challenges. Every relationship has difficulties because relationship is comprised of two people of very different personalities, very different giftings. There is no limit to the pleasures and blessings God can bring to all areas of your life; your relationship inclusive. Success in your relationship is God’s will for you but it does not come by chance, neither is it an accidental occurrence. Circumstances and dynamics in your closest relationships often trigger old feelings such as insecurity, fear, rejection, or abandonment, or in contrast fears of being overwhelmed depended on of or diminished. It takes conscious, deliberate and calculated steps to enjoy successful relationship. Several people today are experiencing dis-harmony, simply because they have not put the principle of gratitude to work in their relationship. You can have your moment of frustration, but then you have to let go and forgive. It will make you both better and your relationship stronger. As you have committed to a lifelong relationship, you need to plan out your future together. When you have some goals you can both strive towards, it makes the relationship so much more meaningful and deep. It is great to spend some good time together, or have a tradition. In order to have a successful relationship, you need to listen to each other. This will improve the communication between you, which might come in handy in times of hardship. If you want to improve your relationship, you need to be better attuned to your other half.

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You need to be sensitive to the other person’s needs and be proactive in fulfilling them, if they are in the realm of your competence. If you feel one another, your relationship will be much more intimate. Therefore, you must overcome relationship anxiety because relationships can trigger feelings of anxiety.



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