You Must Overcome Failure And Mistakes

2 Samuel 12:9-13

You need to know that God did not create you to be a mediocre on earth nor did he create you to struggle through life; your redemption in Christ makes you a person of value. This is why, you must overcome failure and mistakes in life. Because as a human being, you cannot but make mistake or fall into error, but the way you overcome your failure or mistake matters a lot to God.

You are not a man to be pitied; you are created to command the envy of the world. Though many have come across failure, the Bible assures that all things will always work together for good to them that love Him. If you are a lover of God, a testimony is coming out of that seemingly hopeless situation for you. If your desire is to make a mark in life, you must be prepared to go beyond the average and be determined; to crush whatever wants to cheat you out of your own place at the top. From our anchor scripture, David fell into error. He slept with his subordinate’s wife; and killed the man when he realised that the woman was pregnant for him. When prophet Nathan came to him, he narrated his story indirectly back to him, and he realised his atrocities, he replied i have sinned against God. This is a contrite and a sincere heart; which never look for a way to cover or patch up his sin. The only thing that prolongs the consequences of men errors and mistake is excuse, ego and when a man starts giving excuse to cover up for his failures or errors; the Bible says such a man shall not prosper. So let failure instigate you to fight back; and be determined to be the best you can be in life. Rise up now, react and refuse to be a failure. React against failure, because it takes a reaction to experience a manifestation. Forget past failures and mistakes. God has no remembrance of your past failures and mistakes, so you also have to stop counting them.

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Now, the best way to overcome mistakes and failure is to first admit to committing the error or failure, confessing it to God, and forsaking it. Because failure and mistakes is an event, so let it pass away like other events. Do not allow it to keep you on the floor. The past is gone; learn from it, live in the present, and look forward to the future. Therefore you must overcome failure and mistakes in order to move on with your life.



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