You Must Not Sleep On Duty

Mathew 13:25

One of the ways to improve your health is making sure you have good enough rest for your physical body, and good sleep has a role to play in this. Because it is recommended, to sleep for a certain number of hours every day. Therefore sleep is a sweet and desirous exercise for every human, especially after the daily activities. But when a person sleeps in the wrong place, in spite of his need for rest; there is more danger than peace. This is why, you must not sleep on duty.

Now the enemy cannot creep in; until he first makes you to sleep. This is why sleep is dangerous. It allows room for spiritual slumber which is the environment, in which Satan’s activities thrive. Because Sleep invites; and permits Satan to work. However, we are soldiers of Christ called to be alert and be watchful. It is nothing but spiritual indiscipline and imminent danger, when a soldier of Christ who is supposed to be battle ready; is found sleeping at his duty post, instead of praying, watching, preaching, evangelizing or doing any kind of service for the Master. Because in prayer you stay awake to keep Him away; just as bon fire keeps away the wild beasts. So, the wildest beast will stay off; when it sees fire burning from afar. Therefore Sleeping at such moment implies many things ranging from spiritual lukewarmness, nonchalance, compromise or carelessness. So to sow tares means to pollute a life, sow evil seeds that could bring misfortune, hardship, affliction and all such negative things into a person’s life. It implies a life whose very fabric, has been tampered with and stained. It takes more efforts to uproot these tares than to plant good seeds. Because If you are a lazy believer, it doesn’t matter how many days you spend in church and how many prayer meetings you attend, nobody will commit great things into your hand.

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There are some people who are always sleeping on duty; some even spend the whole day moving from one office to the other; talking away the day. By the time such people come to their senses, the year is almost ending; and they have nothing substantial to show for the time gone. Therefore, staying awake in your prayer responsibility is the only way to keep the fire burning. Because, in prayer you set the boundaries that the enemy must not cross. Therefore you must not sleep on duty; because the devil is never on vacation.


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