You Must Not Faint In The Day Of Adversity

Proverbs 24:10

Christianity is a bed of roses, with tests, trials and challenging times in our journey of faith. So such challenging times are referred to as the evil days or the day of adversity; this is why you must not faint in the day of adversity.

Now our lord Jesus Christ never hid from us the truth, concerning the way we have been called to. In the above verse and in several other passages of Scripture, He did not mince words, informing us of the trials, tribulations and persecutions we will face while walking with Him on the straight and narrow way. Because you are aware of this truth, you should therefore courageously stand firm in the face of trials of your faith in the day of adversity, your strength is small. When you discover, that your strength is small in proportion to the tribulations you are facing you call on God. Some believers dread such periods and specifically pray to God; never to allow them go through trials and challenges. To avoid situations that challenge your faith, is to checkmate your chances of promotion. Therefore, you must certainly be confronted by challenges one way or the other in this life. But your response, to the challenges will determine whether you are a winner or a quitter. For instance Job was terribly battered by the enemy, but he refused to give up despite losing all his children; his health, and possessions. At the end he recovered all he lost; and his fathers who had castigated him came back bowing down to him. Also, the daily harassment of Hannah by Peninah did not stop her from presenting her request for a man child to God. Your ministry may be challenging and frustrating, but don’t give up like Demas. Leadership and responsibility may become deadly like what David faced at Ziklag, but don’t give up. Encourage yourself if there are no encouragers around you. Hold on to your divine dreams and visions like Joseph, and it shall surely come to manifestation.

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Therefore, you should admonish God and rejoice when tests and challenges come at you on all sides. Because, God knows that victory is in your spirit. Having been born again, you are an overcomer and more than a conqueror. Consequently, no situation that you face should overwhelm you. You have what it takes to overcome any trial, temptation or adversity. So you must not cower, give in or faint under any pressure whatsoever. Therefore you must not faint in the day of adversity; because you will triumphed over all the contrary winds that comes your way.


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