You Must Make Your Word Your Bond

Matthew 5:37

The most important part of your life; is actually the ability to use words. Because words define your life; words define your values. Words, are your personality. You are not better than your words; you are not greater than your words. So, you must make your word your bond.

Now the character of your words, is the character of your personality; so watch your words. Because your life is the expression, the manifestation, the reflection, of your words. So, no man ever got better than his or her words. It does not take long, to know who you are. All you have to do is talk for a few minutes; this is because your words locate you, they tell who you are. However, nowadays, you can hardly differentiate between a Christian and an unbeliever because they both tell lies, steal, backbite and commit all other vices. The days when Christians were set apart; by a distinct lifestyle of holiness and sanctification are gone. One of the ways to proof this assertion, is that many Christians now make promises to God and their fellow men; but they do not fulfill those promises. In spite of that, they do not feel any remorse for not fulfilling their promise. So as a believer, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Your character and lifestyle in your neighbourhood and workplace; should demonstrate Christ attitude and make others want to worship your God. For instance, a man in the Old Testament called Jephthah, stands out as good example of someone who made his word his bond. He imitated God. He was a warrior and a man of valour. He had some formidable enemies, to contend with in battle and he believed that with God’s support; he would overcome. So, he made a vow to God that if He would give him victory over the children of Ammon in the battle, he would offer to the Lord whatever came out of the door to meet him.

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It turned out that it was Jephthah’s only daughter, that first came to meet him when he returned from the battle. Though he was sad about the incident, Jephthah went ahead to fulfil his vow to the Lord. So be a person of your word; and know it’s power. Be careful with your words. Therefore you must make your word your bond; because how you express yourself matters greatly. And nothing is more important than the integrity of your words, and the way you express them.


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