You Must Leave A Godly Legacy

2 Timothy 1:5

Now, legacy is an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. So it is a common thing to see or hear dead parents, when they were alive, leaving behind for their children money or properties. This is called, an inheritance or legacy. There are few cases where dead parents left debts; and deficit for their children. This is why, you must leave a godly legacy for your children.

For instance in 2 kings 4, the wife of a dead prophet with two of her sons; inherited debt from her husband. From our anchor scripture Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy left a godly legacy for their son. They communicated their strong faith, to Timothy. Therefore as parents, what type of legacy or inheritance are you passing to your children? You can only give or leave what you have to your children, or family members. Some parents are known for their drunkenness, smoking, pool betting, cultism, adultery, lying, anger, falsehood, and so on. Light attracts light. Be a shining example to your children, and family members. Christian parents, should not hide their light at home. Your families are fertile grounds, to plant gospel seeds. Let your loved ones know and learn of your faith in Christ Jesus; and see Christ’s love and joy in you. Again, money is good but it is never the best legacy; to leave behind for your children. The greatest legacy, to leave behind for your children is name. Because money may bring you fame, but can as well lead into flame. It is not so with name. A good name will bring you grace, that will take away shame. A name will attract to you favour. You may loose money and recover the same and even more; but if you loose your name you may never recover it. Protect your name, to preserve your future.

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So what godly legacy can you leave to your children, as a good Christian? While your high rise building and exotic cars as well as businesses are commendable and worthwhile legacies, such legacy as good name, godly lifestyle and the Christ like character they learnt from you; will count for this life and eternity. Some parents who leave bad name, occultism, debt and so on to their children did so out of ignorance. Today, their children are battling with the problem of evil foundation. You should learn from them and not imitate them. Therefore you must leave a godly legacy; for your children today.


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