You Must Learn To Expect Good Things

Proverbs 24:13-14

Are you expecting a miracle in your body, finances, or academics? If you are, then I have a very important message from the Lord for you today. Your expectation should be God’s wisdom to help you determine; the level of your success. Your expectation is the honey of life. It is your mental scriptural picture of your desire. Without your expectation, there cannot be any manifestation of what you want. This is why you must learn to expect good things; in every aspect of your life.

Because your expectation is what sets the pace for your possession; it is what sets the pace for your distinction; it sets the pace for your destination. In the journey of life, it is what you expect that you experience. It is your expectation that brings about your position in the world. So your expectation may be tested and delayed, but it will surely come. To strengthen your expectation, keep making declaration. The process is; asking, believing, expecting, declaring and receiving. For instance shortly after i began to seriously study the Bible, i felt an oppressive atmosphere around me. Everything seemed gloomy, as if something bad was going to happen. It wasn’t anything I could explain, just a vague, dreaded sense of something evil or wrong about to happen. So i prayed and asked what is going on? What is this feeling? I had hardly uttered the question when God spoke to me. Evil forebodings i had to meditate on that, for several minutes. I had never heard the phrase before. God had spoken to me, and i stayed quiet before Him so i could hear the answers. So i realized, that my anxieties weren’t real, they were not based on true circumstances or situations. I was having problems as most of us do; but they were not as critical as the devil was making it appear. My acceptance of his lies, even though they were vague, was opening the door for the evil forebodings.

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I eventually realized, that i had lived in the midst of similar gloomy feelings most of my life. I was expecting something bad to happen; instead of aggressively expecting something good. As i continued to meditate on evil forebodings, God broke through and gave me a clear revelation. That expectation is the point of delivery of answers, only the expectation of the righteous shall be granted. What are you expecting now? If you have no expectation before, you must learn to expect good things from today.


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