You Must Lay A Solid Foundation For Your Children

Psalm 11:3-5

The foundation of any building, or structure is very important. According to Proverbs 22:6, if a child is given the right foundation, it will be easy for him or her, to build on it and succeed in life; this is why you must lay a solid foundation for your children.

Now some parents lay up money, houses, clothes, cars and other possessions as an inheritance for their children. But the greatest inheritance, you can leave behind for your children like i have been emphasizing is a good Christian upbringing. The best environment to transfer, and impart that on your children is the home. No matter how good or expensive a school is or how glorious the church is, there is no better environment than the home. What these other places transmit to your children cannot be compared, with what your home transmits to them. The school, church or society, are only meant to complement the home; they cannot take the place of the home. Some parents even send their children, to boarding schools, for the sole purpose of shying away from their responsibility and for more freedom, according to them. I pray that the freedom you think you are having today, will not become a snare to you tomorrow in Jesus mighty name. No other place, can take the place of the home. For instance, if you have a child whose Christian foundation is not solidly established, and you send such a child into a society with liberal values, don’t be surprised to see that child follow an ungodly lifestyle. For this reason, when you are considering tertiary education for your child, also put into consideration how that child will access spiritual growth in the institution you want to send him or her to. An ideal school should be able to satisfy the academic, moral, extracurricular and spiritual needs of a child. All these should be well balanced.

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So remember, that they are coming back home to meet you. Don’t claim to be too busy for your children, especially in these fast moving days. Because whatever seeds you sow in their lives today, will bear fruits tomorrow. Therefore It is important for you to note that, children spend more time at home than any other place. Now, whatever character trait you do not want to see in your children, ensure it has been dealt with in your own life first, so you must lay a solid foundation for your children to follow.



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