You Must Know How To Survive In A Financial Desert

Isaiah 43:19-24

God’s word, is the answer to the questions of life. There is no question in life that does not have an answer, in the word of God. So this is why, you must know how to survive in a financial desert. Now, a desert is a dry and wasteland. It is a solitary place, which is uninhabited. Some desert area support green plant life in the wet season, but dry up during the heat of the long hot season. Many deserts located in the Holy land are mentioned in the Bible, like Edom, Beth-aven, Kadesh, and Sinai.

Therefore, despite the dry atmosphere of the desert. It is inhabited by dangerous animals such as Jackals, poisonous snakes, fire ants, porcupines and scorpions. These add to the danger of the desert, so that people call the place a land of death. But from our anchor scripture God has promised to transform desert lands, into fertile and productive fields. He said He would put rivers, in the deserts and make them look like the Garden of Eden. I pray that God will transform every desert area of your life into a fertile land, in Jesus name, Amen. While financial desert is a place of bankruptcy, or a bad debt that you cannot repay. Also It is lenders harassment. But the good news is that God, has promised to turn deserts into fertile lands; and also make way through them. You do not undertake a journey, through the desert without a guide. One who knows the way, and hidden water holes. Despite the fact that God ordained the children of Israel, to go through the deserts to the promised land and also promised to be with them, Moses had to employ a guide to show them the way. But God knows the way through the desert. He created the deserts and knows how to survive there.

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There are violent sand storms in the deserts, that can bury a person. I pray that financial desert storms will not bury you, in Jesus name. God can take you through any kind of desert, be it financial or whatever. For forty years, He took the Israelites through deserts and provided them food, clothes, water and shelter. He does not change and can do likewise for you. So, to survive in a financial desert you must love God with everything in you, He will go all out to give you wealth without you even asking for it. So it is wise that, you must know how to survive in a financial desert.



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