You Must Know How To Manage Divine Provisions

Proverbs 21:20

Everything you need to succeed in life is provided for you by God. But these provisions are available only when you choose to follow His plans. If you ignore the Lord and set your own goals without His direction, you may get what you want, but it won’t be true success. Mismanagement of God’s provision can trigger a famine. It is one thing to receive a provision or blessing and another thing to know the purpose of that provision. Provision without a commensurate understanding of its purpose, will definitely lead to mismanagement. Therefore, you must know how to manage divine provisions.

Divine provisions simply means heaven’s timely provision that defiles human reasoning. God’s timely provision that human being can not comprehended. It is the act of providing or supplying something for use. Now,  God has a purpose for every provision. If you fail to ask Him for adequate direction on how to spend or distribute a particular provision, its purpose may be defeated. Every windfall that God gives to you has a purpose. Do you know that if you can apprehend the purpose for every provision and you use it accordingly, you may never experience famine? It may surprise you to know that many situations of lack, dryness, and wilderness that many people go through, are self inflicted and avoidable. However, economic famine can be provoked by a wasteful habit. It is very bad to waste what ever you have. If you feel you have more than enough, rather than waste the excess, give to those who don’t have enough. This will please God greatly. Sometimes, God allows you to face a famine during your wilderness experience. Sometimes, your desire to go to great heights in God’s service can trigger this famine. At other times, it is because God wants to test the quality of your faith and devotion to Him. It is easy to serve God when everything is provided and needs are meet. Because provision of God is a Provision of Grace, favour, power, sufficient, no congestion can hinder it. God is still in the business of providing for people’s well being and their provision. You need to also start imbibing a saving culture from now.

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Believer, though all things are apparently against you, be rest assured that God has made a reservation on your behalf; in the roll of your griefs there is a saving clause.  Somehow He will deliver you, and somewhere He will provide for you. Your rescue may come from a very unexpected source, but help will definitely come in your extremity, and you will magnify the name of the Lord.



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