You Must Keep Your Children Alive

Exodus 20:12

Every human person, belongs to a biological family. As an individual, you have a responsibility towards your own family, and you must understand that no matter the kind of family you hail from, that you must keep your children alive.

Now it is very unfortunate, that many parents are the architects of the untimely demise of their children; not because they are witches or sorcerers, but because they are ignorant of God’s word that keeps people, especially innocent children, alive. The word of God from our anchor scripture, is food for thought in this regard. At the initial stage of a child’s life, he or she is ignorant of this scripture; it is therefore the duty of parents, to teach them the way of the Lord established in the word of God. It however becomes a compound problem when parents themselves, don’t know the way of the Lord. Parents should serve as the voice of God; in their children’s lives. It is saddening to observe that instead of parents teaching their children to trust in the Lord their Maker, they rather teach them to trust in the knowledge derived from the education, they spend fortune to acquire. Some parents, even see their children as being wiser than them, simply because these children can relate better with modern gadgets and appliances. Although these appliances can be deployed to serve beneficial purposes, they often mislead and introduce children to emotional, psychological and even spiritual trauma when the use of such devices by these children; is not monitored and controlled. Because God has given those children to you to raise in His fear, so that they will become an ensign; to the world around them. No one can help raise these children, in a better way than you (the parents).

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For instance, some people read about Eli and his children but don’t seem to learn from it. Many parents are carefree when it comes to discipline, allowing their children to walk directly onto the path of destruction. In 1 Samuel 3:12-14; The Lord was so grieved by the act of Eli’s children, that He declared this frightening judgement on Eli’s household. May your household, never come under God’s judgement. Beloved, it is better not to bring children into this world than to bring them up without the fear of God. My prayer for you today, is that your children will not fall prey to the devil’s destructive works in Jesus name; this is why you must keep your children alive.



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