Isaiah 64:8

We all have that voice that makes us self-aware. It is supposed to help you evaluate how you fit in, how well you are doing. For many, your biggest obstacle is that critical voice in your own head. It lets you know when you mess up, make a mistake, fall short.  But sometimes that voice just doesn’t know when to shut up. It keeps running its mouth, running your spirit down, making you feel horrible and insecure. Therefore, you must conquer your inner critic because God delights in you.

Now, you are familiar with those nagging thoughts that says you  are not good enough, that cast doubt on your goals and undermine your accomplishments. These thoughts might be there to greet you when you glimpse at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Inner critic refers to an inner voice that judges, criticizes, or demeans a person whether or not the self-criticism is objectively justified. It can take a toll on one’s emotional well being and self-esteem. Many people experience difficulties with self-esteem and confidence, even when they appear confident, successful, or well-adjusted to the external world. A person’s inner critic can play a significant role in shaping one’s identity and sense of self. The inner critic has negative connotations than the superego, however, and typically serves to undermine accomplishments rather than encourage appropriate behavior and obedience to cultural norms. People tend to develop self-criticism as a result of their life experiences which may include social, cultural, and familial influences. Unrelenting self-criticism goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety. Dealing with your inner critic is a skill you can develop over time. It’s something you can work on and get tools to help you. Just pausing to recognize that voice for what it an internal critic not the voice of reality, can help you get perspective. The inner critic universalizes incidents and draws invalid conclusions. The effect is to keep you in shame.      Challenge negative thoughts with hard facts. Keep a list of your achievements and pull it out when self-criticism threatens to overwhelm you. Recognize the difference between thoughts that are critical and those that are constructive. The inner critic is always presenting a distorted image like mirror of the fun house. If you fail to identify and separate from this inner critic, you allow it to impact your behavior and shape the direction of your life.

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Remember not to act on the directives of your inner critic. Because  you are created in the image of God, and your basic identity is the beloved of God. Therefore, you must conquer your inner critic because you are  destined to live a fulfilled life.



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