You Must Build Your Future With Ideas

Proverbs 21:5

 You don’t set a goal and just sit back, waiting for it to simply materialize. It doesn’t work that way. You must plan, and be diligent to take the necessary steps that should lead you to your desired destination. Because before creation, the whole world and the people in it were just an impression on God’s mind. Everything was sleeping quietly in an idea. A great future awaits you, however this future is waiting for the idea that God wants to transfer into your mind. Because your future is sleeping quietly inside these ideas. So, you must build your future with ideas; because your future is bright and full of glory.

Now, ideas are simply thoughts, plans, or mental impressions on the mind. They are more powerful than you may understand. It may also be encouraging for you to know that God did not finish creation, but only started it. He did not turn into physical reality all of the things that were real in His mind. He gave man the privilege to help Him translate it into physical reality. The rest of creation is waiting for you. God want you to be a co-creator with him. That means you must state the target and set your sail. As you diligently move in the direction of your goal, God will ensure that all the right circumstances align themselves in your favour always. Now creation begins with an idea. Since you are built in God’s own image. He made you with the ability to produce ideas and the capacity to turn them into physical reality. Ideas are more powerful than the brains that produce them because they usually outlive those brains. Everything visible today, for example, cars, clothes, buildings, computers, etc, first of all existed in the form of an idea in someone’s mind. So, the poor person is the one who does not have ideas because ideas are the seeds that guarantee a future harvest. If you can get ideas, God says you will get the material equivalent of those ideas. I have found out that money flows in the direction of ideas. Whatever stops you from getting an idea has already stopped you from getting money.

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Therefore, it is important to take your life in your hand and tell yourself that you are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life. Because you can never rise above the level of your idea. The quality of idea that flows through your mind determines the quality of your life. Every technological breakthrough is built on the foundation of ideas. The moment you catch an idea your future success is guaranteed; because people with seeds have a harvest waiting for them in the future.


  1. You’v made one point to me in this your whole narration& it’s”this future is waiting for the ideas God wants to transfer into your mind”that’s all, when God gives you the idea what then prevents one from carrying it out .Is there any one who knows how he can get something or get to a point & wouldn’t like to do it,if there is,I haven’t seen any in my life

    • Sometimes procrastination prevents one from carrying out the ideas that one has. Secondly it could be evil forces also it can be lack of foresight and resources or even capital etc.


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