Ecclesiastes 11:4

In the world today everyone wants to reap a bountiful harvest, but few want to do the work to prepare for the harvest. You can never dream your way through life, trust me I have tried. If you continuously lost in fruitless pursuits, you will starve to death. No one who daydreams ever harvests a crop because they didn’t take time to sow seeds. You can’t expect anything out of nothing. Therefore, you must be ready for your harvest because God cannot fail.

The natural makeup of man is to crave for harvest, increase, and abundance. Harvest has always been a beautiful and important part of life on earth, the time when the year’s work bears fruit and the people are fed. It is a symbol of bounty, health and abundance. It is the gathering of things planted, a natural time of reaping in joy what has been sown and produced during the year. The focus in harvest revolved around the product and the work of the Lord in bringing it to completion. Because God stands in control of the harvest time; it is part of his work. However, there is nothing that produces abundance much more than understanding. Abundance comes through understanding. If you desire harvest, abundance and increase, you must understand what harvest is. There is a lot of work that has to be done to prepare for the harvest. You must be a diligent worker. Live your life in such a way that you honor God in every area. You can’t expect to be rich if you don’t put in the work necessary. No one is going to give you a bunch of money. The same applies to your home. You will not have a faithful marriage, obedient children, or a healthy relationship with Christ unless you put in the work necessary to make it successful. To gather and collect your bountiful harvest, you must put in the sickle. What is a sickle? It is a sharp instrument used for cutting crops during a harvest. Your sickle is the word of God coming out of your mouth. You will reap your harvest the same way you acquire anything else by faith. Your words of faith cut down the crops and bring in the harvest. In fact, words are an important part of the entire process of sowing and reaping.

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What you say is what you sow. And the words you speak today will dictate tomorrow’s harvest. So, be sure your words are calling in your harvest with faith. They are a powerful harvesting tool. Therefore, you must be ready for your harvest because the Lord has a plan for you to receive the bounty of His greatest blessings.



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