You Must Be Clothed With Humility

Mark 10:44

The world would have been a better place today; had people imbibed the attribute of being humble. What you see in society is a demand for humility, by people who lack the virtue in their lives; and day to day dealings with other people. Now humility is a virtue. It is not weakness. It is ability to put power and authority under control. You must be clothed with humility, because if you humble yourself, God will exalt you.

However, as you study God’s word, you will discover the kind of life God wants you to live and how He wants you to live it. He sent Jesus to the world to be our perfect example. How did Jesus live? He was clothed with humility. So there is no need for you to keep trying or striving to exalt yourself; just be humble. True humility is submitting yourself to the authority, influence, and impact of God’s word. True humility is receiving the word into your heart and acting accordingly, making definite changes in your character and attitude with, and through the word. Because true greatness is achieved in proportion to selfless service, humbly rendered. It is not the number of one’s servants that count; but the number whom one serves. So do not live for yourself, but live for many even from your closet in intercession, giving, and even for the many He gave His life for. Your many might not be seen in public domain; but heaven knows and ranks your many. Seek to serve more people. Even Jesus gave His life and served many for the Father. Therefore to be obedient to the command of Christ, you ought to have the attitude of humility; and of being a servant. Because being humble is not the facade humility that most Christians showcase when they are being praised, they put up smiles to show embarrassment while inside; they feel happy that their good deeds have finally been acknowledged. For humility to be realistic, you have to take the form of a servant, but most of us would rather be served than serve others.

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Therefore God expects you to humble yourself. It is not something somebody else will do for you. If you fail to do this, and if God truly loves you, He may have to do it for you. And when He decides to do what you were meant to do, it may be tougher; so simply follow the easy way by doing it yourself. Beloved, humble yourself! Each time you humble yourself, you create space above you for God to fill. So you must be clothed with humility; and God will surely promote and exalt you.



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