You Must Be A Life Long Learner

Proverbs 24:5

The capacity of your learning will determine the standard of your living. If you don’t learn, you won’t earn. The quality of your learning; will determine your capability of your earning, therefore you must be a life long learner.

Now a wise man once said that, destiny is like stock exchange it changes per day, based on the value attached to it. So don’t be deceived, that you will still be in the same level with your classmates or peers in the future, because twenty children don’t play together for twenty years. By destiny, you are not rated the same with your peers. To raise your class in destiny, you must do something, that others are not doing though you sit in the same class. You need to go extra mile, to enhance your result if you must boost your destiny level. Learning is what build the reservoir; for continuity and ability to maximize potentials. Struggle and challenges will always, drop down at the might power of knowledge. Knowledge is the platform for unbeatable life; and it breeds assurance of the good future. If you know more about life, you will enjoy more in life. If you learn more about God, you will live a sweatless life. If you know more about your love, you will see much love unleash to you. If you learn more about finances, you will be on your way out of debt. If you learn the law of sowing and reaping, you will develop the heart for consistency and persistence to see results. There is nothing like destiny mates; because when you don’t make investment others are making in their lives, you will not get their kind of results.

The clothes you buy provide coverings for the body, but the knowledge you acquire provide covering for your destiny. So go for knowledge, rather than majoring on material things that will not last. The knowledge you acquire can buy clothes, cars, and houses for you in the future, but you have to prioritize your needs. Learners are open hearted; ever sensitive to research and know new things.

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Formal education will make you a living; but self education will make a fortune for you. Find out who have excelled in the area of your interest, and study to know how they began, the challenges they faced and the secret of their success; then equip yourself with the knowledge and improve on them so you can excel as well; this is why you must be a life long learner.



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