Be A Good Example Of Follower

Mark 1:8

Now, a brief look at many contemporary Christian leadership books seem to be confusing the followers of Jesus, with a perceived strategy to shape future leaders of the church; as though Church leaders are in a special category. It should be noted that all followers of Jesus; are called to a life of discipleship. It is not exactly correct to interpret the relationship of Jesus with His disciples, as an effort to develop a leadership training school for the future movement. This is why, you must be a good example of follower in this generation.

For instance apostle Paul was so sure, that his walk with the Lord had no blemish or reproach that he confidently; told believers in his days to follow him as he followed Christ. So, his principle was not do as I say but don’t do as I do. Again, he urged believers to be imitators of God. He was an exemplary spiritual leader. He paid a huge price to attain his enviable spiritual stature; and the status of an apostle. He deserved being a role model to believers in his days, as well as Christians of today. Timothy, his spiritual son and protege, turned out very well in life and ministry for following in his steps. Barnabas, Silas and John Mark will attest to the power of God at work in Paul’s life and the deluge of Grace he carried. In this dispensation, many people blame those in leadership position for the problems in families, organisations, churches and nations. Therefore, people follow leaders who are going Somewhere. So you can’t be going somewhere worthwhile; if you are not a follower yourself. It is obvious that the function of the disciples, within the gospel narratives is not their exemplary leadership, but their role as models who braved the struggles that all followers of Jesus; are destined to face. The disciples humanity, world view, character, and lifestyle, were openly displayed as an example; for future disciples to follow.

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However, you must realize that a follower cannot be above his master; as a servant cannot be above his Lord. To be a Christian, is to imbibe the discipline and humility of a servant. In addition to this important prerequisite for followership, you might add the attributes of humility, gentleness, justice, and love. Beloved, are you a good follower? Only good followers have the right to aspire to be leaders. Only good followers will make good leaders. Therefore you must be a good example of follower in this generation.



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