You Must Be A Godly Role Model

Proverbs 22:6

Perhaps you want to become a surgeon, an architect, a nurse, a teacher, a pilot, or a preacher in the near future; no matter what you dream of becoming, it’s not going to happen overnight. For example, if you want to become a surgeon, you will have to be instructed over several years on the rudiments and intricacies of the medical field. A role model, is one who influences others to be like him or her. While there are godly role models, there are also ungodly ones who influence their followers to make choices; that will lead them to the pit of hell. This is why, you must be a godly role model in this end time.

Now, becoming effective in spiritual things is no different. In the same way that a teacher trains his students to be proficient in a subject; God wants you to train those you win to Christ and make them competent in living the God life. For instance apostle Paul was so sure of himself and his position in Christ, that he was bold enough to challenge those within his sphere of influence; to imitate him as he himself imitated the Lord Jesus Christ. He was relentless, not only in keeping himself pure; but also in labouring for the harvest of lost souls. For the greatness of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, he forsook all his worldly achievements; and followed after Christ. This attitude mirrors the life of his Master, who left His glory in heaven and take up the image of a servant on earth. He humbled Himself so much, that He even laid down His life for all mankind. So, our anchor scripture  shows that children respond to the behavioral examples; set and reflect on the emotions express by their parents. In other words, children do as their parents in everything.

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Being calm in different situations and responding in love teaches our children to be calm, cool, collected in trying situations, responding in love. As a parent, you teach your children in thoughts, word and deeds and you are accountable to God for what you teach; and how you teach your children. Like Jesus, you must be Godly models to your children. You should teach them about Jesus, and then be like Jesus in your behavior, character and attitude. Do not ever give up on your child. No matter what the devil may be doing in your child’s life, keep praying and believing God for a positive change in his or her life. Therefore you must be a godly role model; in other to impact your generation.


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