You Must Avoid Unfriendly Friends

Proverbs 27:6

Friendship can be said to be a relationship between two people that, really care about each other. A very good friend is the first person you call when there is good news, and also the first person to alert when there is danger; this is why you must avoid unfriendly friends.

For instance David had two conspicuous friends, one at the beginning of his fame whose name was Jonathan, a warrior, the son and heir apparent to the first king of Israel. The Bible makes us to understand that, the soul of Jonathan was knitted to the soul of David. Hence, he tried as much as possible to protect David and was not envious. Unfortunately, Jonathan died. Your heaven sent friend will not die suddenly, in Jesus name. So in today’s world of social media, the real meaning of friendship is fast fading away. It is becoming more frightening, to claim to have friends these days because there are so many deceitful friends out there. The magnitude of this problem increases, when people have something to gain from their association with you one. Are you one of such unfriendly friends. Is your friendship with people, built around the furtherance of your interests. Before you begin to identify those who claim to be your friend but are not really so, ask yourself if you are truly friendly. Our anchor scripture, perfectly describe the typical character of an unfriendly friend. More often than not, they are very close to their victims. This makes one wonder if they deliberately got close to their victim, in order to wreak their havoc. If that is the case, should we not avoid having close friends or any friend at all. I don’t think so; we only need to be prudent in our choice of close friends.

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Because David also had another friend who was a counsellor. He spoke like an oracle, his counsel seemingly stood valid like those from the mind of God and his name was Ahithophel. David believed Ahithophel, to be faithful and upright. So we need to have friends, but the challenge is how to identify good ones. There is one antidote against choosing enemies as friends, which is prayer. Only God knows the hearts of men, and only He can shield us from treacherous friends. The Lord said you should, do unto others as you would have them do unto you; therefore you must avoid unfriendly friends today.



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