You Have To Use Your Talent Well

Matthew 25:14-30

Your talent is the gift that God gave you, when you were coming to the world; therefore you have to use your talent well.

Now as a child of God, there is something unique about you; you are so uniquely graced and gifted by God. Therefore, find the opportunity to use them to advance His righteous cause; and your career. If your talent is to write, then study more on how to write better and keep writing and publishing your write ups any chance you get. If your talent is to play football, then you should practice regularly. Whatever your talent is, don’t let it lie fallow because one day, God will ask you what you used it for. Because God ordained seedtime and harvest not just to mark time, but as a life principle. He also gave varying degrees of talents, to every human being as a form of heavenly investment. Consequently, every legitimate human task, however menial it may seem, is of intrinsic worth and a potential means of glorifying God. You must however, note that education is very important, to help you use your talent better. Many talented people, that did not get education have missed it. They thought their talent will help them become great and rightly so, but they forgot that raw talent is not enough. You need to go to school, get a degree and then you will be better equipped, to use your talent profitably. Also, many use their talents for the devil; the devil has nothing good to offer you. He will entice you with flashy things, and at the end of the day give you emptiness. So don’t hide what you know; don’t hide your abilities; don’t hide your talents.

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Now if you understand the natural farming process, with the scriptural principles on sowing and reaping, entering into your harvest will be a work over, because you will know what to sow, how to sow it and how to water the seed sown; in order to have your desired harvest. In essence, you will know how to profitably use your talent for the progress of God’s kingdom. Your abilities and talents are required in the Kingdom. Become available; let others benefit from the Lord’s investment in you. Because when you use your talent for God, you will have all round peace and joy in your life; this is why you have to use your talent well.



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