You Have To Desire A Higher Level

Daniel 1:8

It is important to recognise that you are an offspring of God, and the epitome of success. This is because at redemption, we were ordained men and women of outstanding and unusual feats. So, be true to who you are and the dream inside your heart. Build the dream within you; and avoid copying other people in whatever they do. Because it is natural for every human being to desire to attain a higher position, output or level of productivity in every sphere of endeavour. So you have to desire a higher level, because God rejoices over His outstanding children like a natural father will do.

Now i want you to start by knowing the very thing that you truly desire in your heart, like the type of car, house, family or life and style. Do not allow the circumstances of life; dictate to you what you should want because of the way life is. However, it is sad that not everyone is ready to pay the price needed to attain this higher level. Do you desire to go higher in your pursuits in life? If you desire advancement in your career, ministry, business or academics you must acknowledge that in God’s created order; you cannot expect an output where there is not input. In other words, there is a price to pay to obtain anything good in life. From our anchor scripture, Daniel is a good example of who desired to make excellent stride in his pursuits. When he and his friends were enrolled in the University of Babylon, they immediately determined in their hearts that they would graduate with first class honors and distinctions, even though they were in a strange land. To Daniel and his colleagues, it was necessary for them to defer the delicacies; and luxurious lifestyle of a minister in making. So, Daniel and three of his colleagues paid a heavy price; before they were promoted to higher levels of their profession. The king they served had decreed that all his subjects must worship his graven image, but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego declined to do so; because they served a God who alone is worthy of worship.

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However, you need to Live out what you believe; because when you succeed people will begin to use you as a model to live by. Because the world only punishes people that are not bold, but once you show that courage by making a demand on life it will surely respond to you positively. Therefore you have to desire a higher level; because that’s your positional advantage in Christ.



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