You Have To Control Your Appetite

Proverbs 23:6

Refuse to condescend to the low level of being controlled by your senses. Esteem God’s word beyond everything the world can offer, this is why you have to control your appetite.

Now in His infinite wisdom, God designed the human body to require food and water for sustenance. Being the Maker of all things, He is conscious of the fact that He created us with the basic need for food and drink, and He promised to provide these for us. As a child of God, you therefore need not to allow the anxiety of what to eat or drink overwhelm your heart in any way. For instance a certain day in the Bible, Esau was hungry and wanted some food from his brother Jacob. When Jacob asked for the birthright in exchange, Esau’s reply showed that he had no regard for it, though it was sacred. Look, I am about to die. What good is the birthright to me. Esau said, he knew that the birthright had blessings, but that didn’t mean anything to him. He sold his birthright to Jacob for food; and didn’t consider the spiritual implication of his action. Because he did not control his appetite it cost him the inheritance, which his younger brother got in his place. So delicacies are expensive, mouth watering meal received for kings, rulers, wealthy individuals and their companions. They are so temping because they are specially packaged to make them irresistible, and they typically have a lovely aroma, sumptuous appearance and fantastic taste. Although delicacies or dainties are not in themselves evil, they are often associated with evil because Satan and his agents tend to use them as a bait to lure innocent souls into developing an unhealthy appetite for them.

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So to enjoy life and peace, you must have high esteem for spiritual things. Don’t end up like Esau did; have regard for spiritual things like Jacob. He was after the blessing, which is spiritual and greater. Therefore the story of Daniel and his companions; clearly shows that basic food and drink are sufficient, and not inferior to exotic delicacies and wine in providing the energy and nutrition that our bodies need to function effectively. The unhealthy appetite for delicacies and dainties has turned many Christians into sycophants and puppets, doing the bidding of wealthy and powerful leaders in order to keep up with certain levels of comfort; this why you have to control your appetite today.



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