You Have To Change Your Focus

Colossians 3:2

I learnt from scripture; that consecration and commitment are the springboard to experiencing higher levels of God in ministry. Beyond consecration and commitment, another criterion for accessing a higher level of God in ministry is that, you have to change focus.

If you retain your old focus and pursue your old goals, there is no way you can attain your desired heights. There must be a change in focus, as you grow in Christ and move up in ministry, what you pursue must change. Bible says in Revelation 21:1; And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. This world is not your permanent home; you are here only as a pilgrim. According to the Bible, we are only going to be in this world for a season because one day, the whole earth will be replaced with another one. Therefore, you must set your focus on those things that truly matter, and not on the transient pleasures of this present world. Until, you come to that level in your life where Christ is your focus, you will be living an empty life. You must move your focus from earth to Heaven; you must stop looking down or sideways and start looking up.

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Many men of God never get to this level because as soon as they are endowed with certain gifts of the Spirit or some miraculous works are made manifest in their ministry, they will begin to calculate how they can use what they have to get what they need; forgetting that it is God who supplies the needs of His servants. Sometimes you may think you need something whereas it is a want, consequently, God may not give it to you at that point in time. Some people in this type of situation will go all out, even to the extent of pulling every trick in the book just to get such things. Anything you acquire that God has not given to you will surely bring you trouble. Let nothing else compete with your love for the Lord. Therefore; you have to change focus, for Christ sake and pay attention on the expansion of His kingdom.



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