You Are Designed To Enjoy Kingdom Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18

God did not just create you, and abandon you to suffer. He is interested in your comfort. He is excited when you prosper; so you are designed to enjoy kingdom wealth.

Now a blind man needs sight, a lame man needs legs to walk, the deaf needs ear to hear, the leper needs to be clean and the dead needs life but the poor needs the word of God. When it comes to poverty, prayer is not needed; it is the Word of God that is needed. That is Jesus prescription. When it comes to kingdom wealth, there has to be hearing of God’s word but unfortunately, many Christians want prayers instead of hearing God’s word. They don’t pray to come out of poverty; you hear God’s word. For instance, if a patient disregards a doctor’s prescription and goes for a road side chemist’s prescription, the patient will be heading for destruction. The gospel must be preached to the poor, for him to come out of poverty. You can fast when it comes to miracles, but not for poverty. Therefore Enjoying kingdom wealth, is a state of being blessed by God and in turn, you become a blessing to others. It is not God’s will that you go through poverty. No good father will wish his children, to go through struggles and hardship. The soul is made up of the will, the emotions and the mind. This means that the prosperity of your soul is proportionate, to the prosperity you will encounter here on earth. The level of your mental capacity will determine the level of your financial coast, and the level to which you enjoy divine health. How you prosper from God’s word in your mind, determines how you prosper on earth. That is why a wise man said, wealth is a function of man’s capacity to think.

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If your mind is upgraded with the word of God, you are bound to prosper. You cannot enjoy, health and wealth without an upgraded mind. God’s word is our principal tool for upgrading the mind. Because, we live in a Kingdom of mysteries. When you understand and apply them, they confer mastery on you. That is what makes God’s children peculiar among people. So Prosperity is a choice. The truth is that if you are not prosperous, your gospel will not have power; it will even be difficult to win your loved ones to Christ, this why you are designed to enjoy kingdom wealth.



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