Psalm 40:2

Life is for enjoyment not for enduring. God did not create you to endure things; He created you to enjoy life. God’s intention, plan and program for His children as revealed by the scriptures is to enjoy life and not to struggle. However, without Grace, there is a limit you can enjoy life. Just like the jack a mechanical tools used to lift and provide support for heavy objects. Because every kingdom giant is made by grace. When you operate under grace, people don’t see efforts; they only see results. You don’t struggle, yet you succeed. Therefore, you are rising from grass to grace because you were designed to be a blessing to others.

For all the endowment that God gave you are too much to be expended at only you. Your assignment on this planet is tied to your capacity to meet needs to other people’s lives. You were designed to add value to others, solve problems for others and meet needs in the lives of other people. So, God designed you to govern, rule over, control and be in charge of the world; in other words, you are created to rise from grass to grace. Dominion is man’s destiny; which is why when man is not in a position of dominion, his emotions go haywire, frustration sets in and illnesses develop. Dominion for man, however, is conditioned upon his alignment to God’s image; the more like God man is, the more dominion he can exercise. God dominates because it is in His nature to, and because you are made in His image and likeness, you have the natural tendency to dominate. Therefore, ignorance of God’s word is the most undoing of many Christians because the unawareness of your rights allows you to be trampled upon by the enemy. Another reason is self help. You are grace made not self made. Trying to achieve results by your strength and willpower will drain you and leave you with no result. So, life of grace is the distinguishing force that makes the difference from one believer to another. Therefore, bank on God’s grace and you will know no limitations in life. Because, grace causes nature to respond to you and there are levels of grace at which different Christians function. It should be your desire to function at the highest level of grace.

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However, grace brings you favour. Good is turned towards the man with grace and forgiveness always knocks at his door. Even when he seems to have made great mistakes, the grace of God speaks for him. To walk in grace means to walk in and with divine influence. So, you are rising from grass to grace today.



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