Isaiah 49:14-16

Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Perhaps you didn’t see the suffering coming, but in a moment your world turned upside down and you felt completely alone. One comforting assurance you have from God is that you are not alone. The devil wants you to feel you are alone and abandoned, but it is a lie. You may face situations beyond your reserve but never beyond God’s resources. Therefore, you are not alone in your suffering because God is able to bring you out of any difficult situation.

When you face trials and suffering, when you feel like God has abandoned you, remember the price that Jesus paid for you. Whatever you may be going through, no matter how alone you feel, you are not abandoned. God had seen the future and the struggles that were ahead of you. This implies that God is not only with you, He is a God that goes ahead of you to make all crooked places straight. I want you to know that God will not leave you; He will be with you, every dream of yours will become a reality, and every promise of God concerning you will come to pass. However, God always intervenes when you are at a crossroad. As a child of God, you might have issues with your children, career, the future or dreams but the God you serve will show up for you today. If you feel forsaken, forgotten or all alone, God says you are not alone, He will be with you in joy and in pain. Sometimes, you may experience some situations which the devil may capitalise on to malign your loving father as having abandoned you, but it is not true. I have also experienced this. Many years ago, the devil came to tell me that I was abandoned and not appreciated, but God proved him wrong when a man came from several kilometers away to give me gift as appreciation for what God was doing with my life. After receiving that gift, I forgot all the feelings of abandonment. Any time you feel you are alone or feel as though you are not making impact the way you ought to, remember and recognize that the almighty God is with you. Even when the battle seems too great and it appears that you face defeat, you must still trust the Lord. Is there any area of your life where you feel abandoned? God is with you, and He wants to wrap His arms around you and offer you comfort and peace. Offer Him your suffering, and let Him turn it into rejoicing.

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God wants you to be strong and courageous and to choose trust despite the suffering, loneliness and fears in your heart. Keep on reminding yourself that God is with you. If you are experiencing some challenges right now, perhaps with your finances, health, academics, marriage, business, or career, don’t fret; you are not alone. Don’t go seeking help from men; set your attention and affection on God; He never fails. Therefore, you are not alone in your suffering because God is always there for you.



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