You Are Not A Victim You But A Victor

1 Peter 2:15-17

It is not God’s design for people to become victims of the things that happen to them. Do the circumstances or people in your life leave you feeling like you are a victim? Do you find yourself responding like a victim? Does the cycle seem impossible to break? God’s design is that you make the things life throws at you into a stepping stone to victory. You need to allow them to take you to a higher ground, don’t allow them to become a stumbling block making you a victim. Therefore, you are not a victim but a victor because you are destined to be victorious.

Now the world, the devil and the flesh are the battlefield of everyone born into this world. One thing you must understand is that the devil can never repent. Hence you are not to joke with the devil. If you don’t want to be devoured by the devil, you must resist him and all that he represents steadfastly. As soon as the devil knew that David had been anointed as king, he decided to eliminate him. The devil knows that God wants to do wondrous things in your life. He knows that your tomorrow will be alright, and he is unhappy about all these great promises for your life. Do not underestimate the devil. He is no doubt a liar, and he is very stubborn. However, the good news is that you have a God who can deal with him effectively. If God is on your side, and you are on His side, there is nothing the enemy can do. Every effort the devil makes to put you to shame will always turn out for your good as long as He is on your side. The devil will always want to make you a victim, but God will always ensure you remain a victor because you are operating on a higher covenant. Once you realize and remember that you are a victor and not a victim, life begins to look a little differently. Therefore, I want you to know that you have value. You have purpose. You have skills. You have abilities. You have courage. You have confidence. Most of all, you have love.

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However, a victor is defined as a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition. Make up your mind to live in victory from today. Have the mindset of a survivor, an overcomer in every area of your life. It is only when you win that you will receive a prize. It is time to stand up and match on victoriously. No matter what you are going through remember that you are not a victim but a victor.



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