You Are Lifted Into His Glory

Isaiah 43:7

We serve a glorious God, and everyone that is born of God has a glorious destiny which cannot be tampered with, corrupted or changed. If you are made in the image and likeness of God, the glory that is obtainable in God should be practically manifested and evident on you. You are not created for shame but to show forth the glory and  praise of God on the earth. Therefore, you are lifted into His glory because You’ve been called into the life of glory. It is important for you as a child of God to have this knowledge and constantly live by it. Knowledge brings change, and it is what makes a difference in life. It is what you know that you will stand for. When the light of the true knowledge of God’s word is done on you, you will never remain the same again.

Now, glory is the very nature of God, God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Glory is brightness, shining, radiance. It is used to denote the manifestation of God’s  presence in a Christian’s life. The word glory is used to express importance; honor, and majesty. In another sense, glory can be seen as wealth and importance, yet again, glory signifies reputation and God in whose image and likeness we are created, He is the author of all good things. Because God’s great design in all His works is the manifestation of His own glory. Any aim less than this would be unworthy of Himself. This means you are going to be clothed with God’s glory morning, afternoon and night in the name of Jesus! When God’s glory is upon a man, labour stops; labour continues where His glory is absent. Labour cannot be equated with His glory. Israel labored for 430 years; so hard work does not equal God’s glory. That you are working hard does not mean that you must be successful. It is hard work plus glory that eliminates hard life. However, when God’s glory is at work in your life, you cannot be killed; because the glory of God preserves you from death and destruction. 

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Therefore, divine glory is an important motif throughout Christian belief, where God is regarded as the Most glorious being. Since man was created in the image of God, human being can share or participate in divine glory as image bearers. Like a mirror, the human person reflects God’s glory. It is God that gives glory and beautifies your destiny not man. God can only use men to achieve his purpose yet the glory goes back to him as the Almighty God. Beloved, don’t waste any further time, it is time to show forth the  praises of God in your life because you are lifted into His glory.



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