You Are Highly Untouchable

Deuteronomy 28:7

Life is a gift from God to man and if it is a gift, it must be preserved; because you are highly untouchable.

Now, many pursue things without taking care of their lives. The most miserable thing a believer can do, is to be ignorant about protection.  In this last days, wickedness will increase but in the mist of all these evil, God will exempt His own and you are one of them. It is surprising to see professing Christians, fretting and cringing before agents of the devil. Some would not even want to go to their villages, for fear of evil doers. Even when they visit, they literarily lie that all is not well with them in the city because they are afraid that if the villagers realize that they are making it, they may do something to affect them adversely. Ignorance of who you are, will make you a cheap victim of the devil but that will not be your portion in Jesus name. So this is not right at all. For me, it was after i gave my life to Christ, that I finally had the boldness to visit my village. You must understand, your new status as a child of God. At new birth, you received the life of God that makes you untouchable, unkillable, unmollestable and indestructible by the devil and his cohorts. When you know who you are in Christ, satan will not be able to touch you because you have the very life of God in you. With this understanding, you can live a constant victorious life in this wicked world. If you live by the word of God in faith, you become untouchable to the enemy, irrespective of whatever he throws at you.

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However, to activate the power in God’s word, you need to reverence the word. The proof of reverencing, God’s word is obeying what it says. So our anchor scripture, clearly states that if you listen to the voice of the Lord and obey His commandments, only then will you be partakers of His promises. You therefore, become untouchable when you live your life in reverence to God’s word, which is quick, powerful, prevailing and sharper than any two edged sword. The devil cannot destroy you, if you live according to the word of God because; you are highly untouchable.



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