You Are Formed To Be Different

You Are Formed To Be Different

Mark 5:1-20

Life is full of mysteries. We do not understand so many of them and we may not, because you are formed to be different.

What made him demonic, we know not. As Jesus came out of the boat, the man ran to meet Him. We see three forces at work in this man, Satan, society and saviour. This has been the trend and it is still the same in our days. Never underestimate the destructive power of Satan. This man could not be bound. He was battered. Check the sin, habit or a lifestyle that is in you. The solution is not in you. A greater power must be sort. You need the attention of our lord Jesus Christ. The society could not render help to this young man. They isolated him chained him and put him under guard. Even to tame him failed. No scientific achievements have solved the problems caused by Satan and sin. The third force was meeting of this man with Jesus. He completely opened up to Jesus that he was not alone. He needed total and complete evacuation. The lord dug deep into his life to evacuate the legion of demos about 2000-6000 demons. As you meditate on this passage, please allow the lord to dig out your sinful life and evacuate the rubbish. Open up to Him. You can see that the man healed by Jesus is sitting down for the first time as a normal human being (Luke 10:39). He was fully clothed (dressed) with humility, 1peter 5 vs 5, with power in Luke 24vs 49 and he was beginning to understand and speak heavenly language. He became an evangelist in ten cities that made up his district or local government. May your time of manifestation attract a large crowd of witnesses.

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Jesus left the man with a living testimony that took over the entire region. Do not be a pulpit evangelist, go and show it at home. This man was battered before meeting the lord but has changed as soon he met Jesus and became an world evangelist as he left Jesus. what have you been formed to be? The world, friends and family members are waiting to hear you, because you are formed to be different.

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