Divine Power For Destiny Fulfilment

Psalm 66:3-4

The only language the devil understands is that of power. We are in the era of power, this is why you are divinely empowered for destiny fulfilment.

So when you walk in the revelation that you ought to operate as a god in this world, the door of several possibilities open unto you. You will be able to command God; concerning the works of His hands just as Joshua instructed the sun to standstill at Gibeon, and the moon in the valley of Ajalon until victory was obtained. Yes, the sun and moon will obey your instructions. The rain will also obey you and not disturb a programme held in honour of the King of Glory, such as a church service or crusade. Also, as a god in this world, you will be capable of parting the sea like Moses, Elijah and Elisha or walking on the sea like Jesus. The sea will simply obey your will because, the Master of ocean and earth and skies is fully visible in you. You will also be able to bring judgement on the land and whip them into obedience; like Elijah did by shutting the heavens and plaguing the land like Moses did to Egypt. You can be certain that God’s enemies, will not surrender without a strong hand. Therefore It is your destiny to live to the praise of God’s grace; He chose and destined you for the glorious and transcendent life. So, as a Christian, you are not living for nothing; your life isn’t empty.

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To fulfill destiny, you need to be empowered and you need divine power to actualize divine plan. For every open door, there is an adversary. When you carry enough of God’s power and glory as a god on the earth, uncommon miracles, signs and wonders will follow you, and will make your life assignment become very easy. With this, the devil will always be afraid wherever you go just like hell feared Jesus, because you are bound to set the captives free. Death will be afraid whenever you get to an individual he had claimed; because you will restore life to that Lazarus, by the power of God operating in you. So be conscious of who you are in Christ Jesus, know that you are divinely empowered for destiny fulfilment today.



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