Jeremiah 29:11

In life, until you dare to be different, you cannot make any difference; if you must make a difference you must do things differently. One of the basic attributes of living a life of distinction is foresight. Foresight gives you the right perspective in any situation and thus you are enabled to make the right decisions now. A life of distinction is gradually becoming a lost art in our world today. This particular lifestyle of a commitment to being the best does not show up by a mere wish but an actual pursuit. Genuine distinction comes only to those who have worked hard to achieve it. This is why, you are destined to live a life of distinction.

When you are marked for distinction, it means you are someone who is going to do well in life. You will set yourself apart from others. Distinction means being set apart, often by excellence. Distinction is a science, in the sense that it can be imitated and systematically reproduced; however it is also an art because it takes a lot of grace and patience to produce and perfect it. It will be mastered by all those who choose to pursue it with all of their heart. A life of distinction are actually the core values by which you may live your life in order to be successful in every sphere of life. To assume that you will be truly successful in your future without the pursuit of distinction is a mere wish that cannot truly hold water. However, distinction can be secured if you choose to establish certain values in your life. Because core values identifies who you are, they are the unspoken internal rules that guides your life and leads you in the path towards distinguishing your life and living in distinction. Core values are your anti-histamine, your defence system against external corruption of your person. Core values are the stabilising force that keeps you standing tall during periods and season of conflict. Your core values are your internal signals to remind you of the right and the wrong choices of life. So, distinction increases your capacity for influence thereby enhancing your capacity for leadership. Doing your work with distinction will change your status and rank; it will change the calibre of people you’ll have the opportunity to serve.

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Therefore, life of distinction are the compasses that help you to know what direction you may sail so that you can arrive at the purpose of God for you. It is a rock upon which your life must be built for you to make a success of your future.



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