You Are Destined To Be The Head

Deuteronomy 28:13-14

Sometimes when I look at my life, there are times when I am up and there are times when I am down. Yet, the Bible says that I will be above only. I don’t understand this. Beloved, when God makes you the head, you will end up on top of your circumstances; this is why you are destined to be the head.

Now for you to walk in the reality of the truth that God has made you the head, you need to understand the significance of being the head. For this reason, we shall be looking at some of the responsibilities of the head in the body, so that we do not disappoint the one who has graciously made us the head. This is because, God has His way and they are the highways of life. A strict and consistent compliance, with His ways on your part will take you to your covenant dream of becoming the head. For instance, our Lord Jesus Christ has been made the head over all things for the benefit of the Church, which means that we derive our right and authority to be head in every area of life from Him. Therefore, if you are disconnected from Him, you can be sure that your attempts to function as head will be an exercise in futility. It would be a great waste, of Christ’s work of grace if you fail to manifest as the head. Because the Kingdom of God describes God’s boundless domain, which Jesus has brought us into, while the kingdom of heaven refers to the lifestyle and authority, Jesus brought to the earth. The kingdom of heaven functions, here in the earth and not in heaven. Functioning in that kingdom is what makes us head over devils, sickness, poverty and every negative circumstance of life.

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Therefore, you are programmed to always be head in this life; you will never be victims, for you function in God’s realm, where the supernatural dominates the natural course of nature. Beloved, when you pray that God should make you head as He promised, do you put into consideration the corresponding responsibilities. For example, it is in the head that we have sight (the eyes). My prayer for every head today and those who are aspiring to be heads is that you will be head indeed; because you are destined to be the head.



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