Genesis 1:28

We serve the God of Increase. He created increase as a principle. He is the Inventor of fruitfulness, the author of multiplication. Therefore, you are destined to be fruitful and multiply because God knows the secret behind increase and fruitfulness.

He could have created everything in its perfect state and then there would be no need for multiplication, improvement or increase. However, in His infinite wisdom, God designed our world for increase, improvement and multiplication. You don’t need to struggle to be successful, fruitful or multiply. The word fruitful means be productive, the word multiply means to increase in number. fruitful is a metaphor used to describe the outward demonstration of one’s inward disposition. When God told Adam to be fruitful, it was not intended for him alone, but all human beings that would come after him. You must understand that the word fruitful does not only include physical fruitfulness or childbearing but to be successful and have good results. In other words, God said, be successful, have good results. He had made adequate provisions for you to be fruitful in all ramifications. Something that is fruitful produces good and useful results. fruitfulness goes beyond procreation, but more about producing ideas. It means to thrive where you once had nothing, to be made pregnant with vision, originating ideas and profitability. God says after fruitfulness, there should be multiplication. Without fruitfulness, there can’t be multiplication. God wants you to be fruitful economically, spiritually and mentally. Fruitfulness is not reserved for a few people; every child of God is ordained to be fruitful. You need a working knowledge of your covenant of fruitfulness to take what belongs to you. God has designed your life to be a heaven on earth, and in heaven, there is no barrenness, everything is productive, you cannot remain barren. You destined to be fruitful in your body, in your business and in your livestock. This implies that everything associated with you is to carry the mark of God’s blessing. That is the life God wants you to live, where you are constantly increasing in relevance, fruitful and multiply in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Your fruitful and productive life glorify God. It is one of the evidences of the presence of God in your life. He brings in that grace that affects your life and causes things to grow, increase, and expand.

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However, choose today to believe God’s words and teachings. Let them take root in your heart and by faith in it, He will send His grace to cause that seed to spring to life, grow, mature, then finally become fruitful and multiply. Therefore, you are destined to be fruitful and multiply because you are ordained as a fruitful vine.



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