You Are Born For A Divine Purpose

Jeremiah 1:5

One of the most profitable ventures on earth; is to walk in God’s plan for your life. It not only guarantees you a glorious end, but brings you peace, joy and fulfillment in return. That is why, you are born for a divine purpose. Purpose can be defined, as the reason for creating a particular thing. In this case, it is identifying why you were created. The original intent God had when He made you. Purpose relates to the will of God concerning you; and His master blueprint or plan for your life.

The truth is you were not created by accident, nor did you come into existence because your parent made a mistake. Even though you might have been told that before by your earthly parent or someone else, it is untrue concerning you. Now, you are familiar with the story that surrounds the birth of Moses. Every individual’s birth is surrounded with one story or the other, due to circumstances of their birth. Your birth is never a mistake; you were born for a purpose. Heavens have written certain things concerning you; which you must carry out here on earth. The preservation of Moses from the law of death, made by Pharaoh of Egypt was divine. Why? Because, Moses has been chosen before the foundation of the earth to be a deliverer of his people, the Israelites, from Egyptian bondage, hence death could not kill him. Friends, that your pregnancy was not aborted and that your mother gave birth to you as a normal child; all point to the fact that heaven has chosen you to do and carry out specific assignment on earth. Have you discovered this divine mandate; the purpose of your birth? God preserved your life till now, because you are His chosen one.

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Form our anchor scripture, Jeremiah was in line with God’s purpose for his life; and so he ended up as a great prophet. It is not enough to know that God has a purpose, for bringing you into this world. That purpose must be discovered; because the first step in fulfilling your purpose is to discover it. So, an undiscovered purpose is absolutely of no use to anyone, just like an undiscovered natural resources makes no benefit to a nation where it is hidden. When God allowed you to be born into this world, He had His reasons. The abilities and talents you possess were put in you, by God, for a reason. They are to enabled you fulfill the purpose He created you for. So you are born for a divine purpose, to give direction to your glorious destiny.


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