You Are A Carrier Of God's Blessing

Genesis 12:1-3

One of the most powerful virtues that are in heaven and in the earth is the virtue or force of the blessing. That was all God gave you in the beginning. He didn’t give you more than the blessing because He knew it was all you needed to be all that He intended for you to be. From our anchor scripture, you see that man didn’t start life with a bank account, a house or a car; he started with the blessing, and that’s all that is required to start life with. So, you are a carrier of God’s blessing because God wants you to prosper and be a blessing to your generation.

Because life doesn’t answer to natural things; it only answers to the blessing. It is the blessing of the lord that makes rich and He adds no sorrow to it. Therefore, understanding that you are a carrier of God’s blessing helps you to maximize the benefit thereof. So, if you don’t understand that you are a carrier of God’s blessing, there is the tendency for you not to be committed to what makes people to prosper. You may therefore not be able to commit yourself to covenant demands of prosperity. If by any form of mercy, you see something that looks like prosperity, you may abuse it. So, it is essential that you know why and how God blesses His children. You never get blessed anymore than you are committed to be a blessing. Abraham was not only blessed, all the generations after him were blessed. He had not just prosperity but prosperity with posterity. Now, you are not blessed to be an accumulator you are blessed to be a distributor. You are not blessed to be a collector rather to be a channel of blessing. So, it is important that you are conscious of who you are and what you have. Therefore, understanding that you carry the blessings of God in your life; will free you from living at the mercy of people. It will free you from the fear of man, which is a snare.

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Because there are people who are living their lives as slaves to certain individuals, whom they have supposed as holders of their destinies, and that their favour is their saving grace. There is nothing farther from the truth than this erroneous belief. So, you don’t need anyone who thinks he or she is important to succeed in life. All you need to know is that you carry God’s blessings, and that’s all you have in Christ. Beloved, you are a carrier of God’s blessing and that’s what you need to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.



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