Luke 1:37

Life is full of mysteries and challenges, sometimes you face hard times which in most cases, try to disorganize and make you feel bad. But no matter how hard your situation may be, you are expected to put your whole trust in God, who has the power to change your life from bad time to good time, for with God nothing shall be impossible.

You can group human needs broadly into three categories: physical, social and then spiritual. Physical in this group you have physical needs like healing and health, material needs like food, clothes, and other financial needs. Mental needs like wisdom. You will group all those together and call them physical needs. Now for healing; healing is extremely healing with God Psalm 107 vs 20 says that all God needs to heal you is to speak a word; he sent his word and he heal them, it doesn’t even have to move just speak. That’s what the centurion said, he said just speak a word and I know my servant will be made whole, but if he wants he can touch you, and by touching he can cure the incurable. In Matthew 8 vs 1 -3 he touched a leper and he was cleanse immediately, as far as God is concerned there is nothing call incurable. To medical science it might be incurable; aids, HIV, whatever might be incurable to man but for God, just a single touch, that is why I am confident, that somebody whose case is consider incurable; you will have a testimony today.

When it comes to provision, material provision, with God, that is easy in Matthew 6 vs 25- 33 for example he said all those things like what will I eat, what will I wear, what will I drink are mere additions. He said why don’t you just take a look at the lilies on the field, look at ordinary grass and see how beautiful they are, why don’t you consider the birds in the air, how many of them have you seen dying of hunger, if I can take care of all these little, little ones, then you are made in my own image why are you worried? He can take little and turn it to many, he can even produce something out of nothing, he has done it before, and he will do it again. So those of you who may have problems not knowing how some financial needs will be met; in the mighty name of Jesus, you will testify very soon. When you talk about mental needs, things like I am a student I don’t know how to pass my exam or not, he says in his word James 1 vs 5 he said all you need to do is just ask me, he said if anybody lack wisdom let him ask. He made your brain; if your brain is not functioning very well he can replace it for with God nothing shall be impossible.

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Beloved, no ugly situation is able to change the original plan of God in your life; so you have all you need to be happy and comfortable because with God nothing shall be impossible.


  1. Jesus knows all about our struggles;
    He will guide ’til the day is done:
    There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
    No, not one! no, not one! So with Jesus everything is possible.


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