2 Corinthians 2:14

The battles of life is not like regular sports where you can win, lose or draw. In life’s battles, you either win or lose, and you have to be battle ready if you want to win. In every battle, until you are on the offensive, you cannot be victorious. Therefore, winning your personal battles is very important.

Life is a battle and the reality is that we all will be engaged in battle at certain stages of our life. Generally, we contend with different kinds of battles from day to day. The combat can be in a range of areas such as physical, psychological, emotional, health, financial, relationship and spiritual. Those who contend with physical issues may have to wrestle regularly with chronic or serious health problems. Emotional turmoil may stem from negative encounters with family members, co-workers, or neighbors. psychological warfare often arises from life experiences that cause self-esteem issues. And, spiritual grappling is frequently entangled with doubt. Internal brawls can attack in many different forms. That you have battles does not mean you have missed God, it only means you are on the path of destiny. Personal battles are a necessary rung on the ladder leading to where you are going. However, the word winning shows that there are obstacles you have to cross over. Uncomfortable, yes, but unavoidable, just as in the hurdles race. Each hurdle the runner jumps over takes him closer to the mark, but he must cross all in order to be declared a winner. Personal battles are real to life, but winning are even more real to the believer. The challenge is how we confront the battles of life. Some have become weak and cowardly. Some let their emotions take control of them; they will get mad, angry, afraid and furious. Others lose hope and give in to defeat. Everyone faces personal battles, but not everyone has to bang on the door to have the gates of victory opens for them. There is a might needed in battle, and when that might comes in a measure, you don’t have to struggle; the barriers sense your approach and of their own accord, they give way. It is that might (the anointing) for battle that makes them give way. With that anointing, you will not need to struggle and fight any battle to gain entrance into your possession; the oil in you will compel every closed gate to open. The first principle in winning your personal battles is to take your problems to the Lord. Prayer ought to be the first weapon you use whenever you face personal battles, not the last. Every time you take your eyes off of the Lord and put them on your struggles, what usually results is fear, discouragement, anxiety, and hopelessness. When you experience these things, you need to stop your thought trains and turn your entire focus on God by remembering His promises. When you regularly devote the time to be still in mind, body, and spirit, spending time with God in prayer, He often reveals Himself to you in different ways.

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Another principle in winning your personal battles is to admit that you need help. When you admit that you need help it will mark a turning point in your spiritual life and put you in charge of your life, because His word is settled in heaven and He is the one who causes us to triumph in all ways. You must get it deep into your consciousness that all-round victory is available and obtainable to whosoever believes. With this understanding, you will cease to struggle against those battles that lift up their heads against you. Therefore, winning your personal battles is a non negotiable factor in the issues of life and destiny.



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